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These are some of our hopeful adoptive families.  Please call 1-888-OPENARMS or 1-888-673-6276, write to us at, or fill out a Request More Information Form by clicking here if you would like to learn more about these families or the many other families working with Open Arms who are not on our website.


Hello- My name is Andrea, please call me Andi.  I want you to know how deeply I appreciate you looking at my profile and considering me as a parent for your child. This must be an incredibly difficult time for you and I wish you much peace of mind. I honor you for the courage that you have as you make the important decisions in front of you. Thank you for considering me.
I am a life long Philadelphian. I am an outgoing person who loves to connect with people.  I am a single woman with a large extended family of parents, aunts/uncles and cousins in the area. In addition, I am part of a large community. Though I left the area for ten years of schooling I have been back in the community for 16 years.  I live in a wonderful, safe and diverse area in a home that I own right outside of the city. 
I have an extremely close relationship with my siblings and parents.  My parents are wonderful people and they are local. My dad is family doctor. My mom had her own business for many years and now does volunteer work. My brother lives an hour away with his family, and my sister and her family live in Boston. We speak every day and are very much a large, loud and loving extended family.  We love to gather for holiday dinners or for lazy days down the shore in the summer. I am very close with my teen niece and nephew.

Professionally I work as a member of the clergy. I am a rabbi and I work at a large synagogue as part of a team.  I love to meet families at all points in their lives and to help them to find spiritual meaning and comfort.  I am also an activist for those in need.

Fifteen years ago I founded a food pantry. My work involves a great deal of time with children of all ages. My congregants often tell me that I would be a wonderful mom; I yearn to be a mom and to provide a warm, loving, fun, creative home for a child.  Because I work in a large community I have some flexibility in my schedule and my co-workers and congregants are very excited and supportive of my building a family.
In my work and family I have always loved helping kids to discover who they are and what special gifts they have been given. Though I am not yet married, I do hold out hope for that kind of committed relationship. In the meantime, I do not want to miss out on the blessings of raising children.  With that in mind, and with the strong support of all those around me, I am excited to build my family through adoption. Please know that in my family your child would always know unconditional love, and I would, of course, be open to having you in our lives also.
When I am not working I love to cook big dinners for friends and family. I love to ride my bike, especially at the shore. I also love to sing.  There is always music in my life. I am a movie buff and love pop culture.  I enjoy travel and would want my child to see the world and experience many cultures.
As you can see, I am a person of faith and consider my life to be blessed. I would love to add one more blessing of children to my life, and to share my blessings. I wish you good luck in your upcoming decisions and in the months ahead.  I am hoping that I will be able to learn more about you and your family.


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Hello - we are Andrea and Michael and we would like to thank you for reading our profile. We admire your courage in this most challenging of times and fully respect that you will make the right decision for you and your child. 

We are excited about welcoming a child into our lives, and decided adoption is the best choice for our family. 

We both work in finance in New York City.  We've been together for five years, been living together for four years and were married on December 22, 2012. We have a strong relationship based on respect for each other, having common goals and some separate interests. We both come from humble beginnings and have been very fortunate in life.  We want to share our fortune with a child giving him/her the opportunities we had and more. We both grew up in families with great history.  We value education and it will be a priority to teach our child his/her heritage and ours as well. 

Michael is the chef in our home and we both enjoy having friends, family and neighbors over often.  Michael makes smoked turkey, mac and cheese, gumbo and other family recipes.  Michael has a way with children that is almost indescribable other than the fact that they adore him immediately upon meeting. He is a proud American, Black Man and a Veteran who volunteers and loves rap music. Andrea was born and raised in Australia and spent her youth swimming, riding horses and still does when she goes home.  In her 20s, Andrea moved to London where she spent 15 years developing her career and creating a great network of friends. Over the years, she was asked to be a godmother twice and an aunt to several "nieces and nephews".  Andrea is a very loving and independent woman who runs, speaks Spanish and enjoys traveling. 

We own our home in Manhattan, near Central Park.  Our building and neighborhood is wonderfully diverse with a great soul and a generous spirit. Through our friends and neighbors, we have a strong support network around us. Over the years we have built a family in New York of friends with children and families like our own.  We are also fortunate to have very supportive families who cannot wait to welcome our child into their lives. 

Having family and friends around the US, in London, Singapore and Australia means we take at least one big trip a year.  We look forward to seeing the world through the eyes of our child.  Above all else, we want our child to have fun - to grow and play and be happy.  

We hope that reading this profile of us gives you a better understanding of who we are.

Andrea and Michael

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Thank you so much for taking the time to consider our profile. Our names are Ari and Gabe. We hope that wherever your path takes you, that you find happiness and wholeness, and are so grateful that you would consider us as part of your adoption plan.

We met in 2005 when Gabe was in law school in New York City and Ari was visiting from his home in California. We had an instant connection and dated long-distance for a year. Three years ago, we realized we were meant to spend everyday together in a serious, committed relationship. Ari moved out to Brooklyn two and a half years ago, and we started to build our future together.

We have been talking about creating a family for a long time with each other, and know that open adoption is the best way to form our family. We want to raise a child who feels unconditionally loved, who knows that they are capable of being anything they want to be, and can be proud of every part of who they are and their history.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about us.

-Ari and Gabe

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Thank you so much for taking the time to look through this book and getting to know us. We truly hope we get to meet you someday. The emotion and energy it takes for you to make this decision is so amazing. Please know that we admire you and the choice you are considering.

We have been married for almost five years, and we live in Philadelphia, a city we love. Brian is a professor of education. He trains people who want to be high school social studies teachers. Charlotte is a writer. She studied poetry, and now works as a fundraiser and writer for a museum.

The most important thing we want to tell you is that we will love your child more than anything else in the world. We are so excited to give our love to a child, and to raise that child in a safe, nurturing home where they can have fun, be happy, and always be comfortable with who they are and where they came from. We thank you for your strength and your courage, and we hope you have support as you make this difficult decision.

Brian & Charlotte

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Hello there!

First we would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are Barb and Cin. We recently married after 5 solid years of a peaceful, humble, loving relationship that grows every day. Our happiness and success not only comes from “loving one another” but “liking one another”. We are truly best friends! We accept each others weaknesses and strengths. We view life positively and simply. Our home is our safe, peaceful haven which we enjoy coming back to after a long day. Cindy is a Nursing Home Administrator and Barb is a nurse. We are active and love to be outdoors. We are true to ourselves and both possess the power of forgiveness. We long to raise a happy child together. We want to be able to share our growing love for one another with a child that will know and feel that love every day. We have a strong foundation and a solid base to assure a little one’s life will begin and continue on a successful journey. We are so excited! We both understand that this is a very difficult decision that you have to make in your life, one that you probably wished you didn’t have to. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Our promise to you is that we would love this child with all of our hearts. We would be honored if you selected us to help make our dreams come true.

With much appreciation,

Barb and Cin

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We are Damian and Brian and we are honored that you are interested in learning about our family.

We met 17 years ago while we were in college and have been together ever since. In July of 2014, we were finally able to make it official and got married. We always knew we wanted kids, and now that we have the resources to make that dream a reality, we are very excited to take this step.

We live in a diverse and welcoming neighborhood with great parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and lots of children of all ages from many different types of families.

Damian is very creative and, in his spare time, enjoys photography and videography. Brian enjoys working out and plays in recreational football and softball leagues. We both love staying active. Whether it's running a race, a trip to the beach, or a long hike, we both love to be outside. We make a great team and the differences in our personalities tend to complement each other well.

We both grew up in loving and stable homes and would make sure our child does as well. Our families are very dear to us and we've only gotten closer to them as we've further explored becoming parents through adoption. We love spending time with our nieces and nephews. Holidays are always a special time for us. Christmas Eve with Damian's family and Christmas Day with Brian's are usually two of our favorite days of the year. Most of our brothers and sisters are parents and will be a valuable source of information, love, and support to us and any child who should join our family.

We hope that you learn more about us by looking at our profile and we hope that we get the opportunity to learn more about you. Whatever you should decide, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your child, and we wish you all the best!

Love, Damian and Brian

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We are David and Brad, and we are honored that you are interested in learning about our family.

We understand that the decision you are about to make is one of the most important - and the most difficult - of your life.  We admire the courage, love, and faith it takes to make this decision.  If you should choose to allow us to parent your child, we will honor your decision by giving your child everything he or she needs to grow up happy, healthy, confident and strong.

Here is a little more about us:  We met eight years ago while we were in college.  During those eight years we have experienced many adventures together, including starting our careers, moving to Philadelphia, and buying our first home.  We always knew we wanted kids, and now that we have the resources to make that dream a reality, we are very excited to take that step. 

We live in a diverse and welcoming neighborhood with great parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and lots of children of all ages from many different types of families.  David is very artistic and, in his spare time, he enjoys photography and decorating our home.  Brad enjoys reading, writing, cooking and gardening.  We both enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle.  While we are different in many ways, we find that our unique skills, abilities, and personalities combine to make us a great team able to handle challenges both big and small.  

The one thing you will always find in our home is laughter.  We love traveling and doing almost anything outdoors, including skiing, camping, hiking, and going to the beach, and we are looking forward to bringing our child to Grandma's beach house!  There are lots of fun traditions on both sides of our family that we can't wait to introduce our child to, from playing BINGO at Thanksgiving with Brad's family, to going to New York City at Christmas time with David's family to see the Rockettes and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.  That leads us to another point:  Family is very important to us, and we are lucky to live close to our parents and siblings who can't wait to be grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  Our baby will be very lucky to have such a great network of family support!

Please know that, should you choose us to be your baby's parents, we will make sure that the child grows up in a safe and loving home where his or her talents, interests and abilities are encouraged and nurtured.  We invite you to be a part of that experience, if you so choose.

We hope that you will learn more about us on the following pages, and we are eager to learn more about you and your family.  Whatever your ultimate decision may be, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your child, and we wish you all the best! 

David and Brad

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Thank you for viewing my profile.  My name is Ebony and I am very excited to become a mother through adoption.  I have known for years that I would become a mother through adoption and I'm in a place where I can offer a child a loving home and a fulfilling life.  I have also been touched by adoption because my sister created an adoption plan years ago.  Recently my sister and my family were happily reunited with that baby boy who is all grown up.

Professionally, I am a School Counselor at a high school and I am also a therapist for a counseling center.  I have always loved working with children and teens. My positions as a School Counselor and a Therapist allow me to pursue my passion of guiding, mentoring, and giving emotional support to children.  Each day, I feel that I am helping a child learn to love themselves and to reach for the impossible dream.  The things I learn and experience working with children will help me to be a great mother.

I have lived in Central New Jersey for the last five years and consider it home.  My neighborhood is filled with young families and children.  My family consists of me, my mom, and my two older sisters.  We are all very, very close.  My mom lives just two towns over, and I have aunts, uncles, and cousins that live down the shore.  Both of my sisters are sergeants in the Army, live on the same base, and have three beautiful daughters and one son that I love dearly.  I speak to my mom and sisters daily.  I also have wonderful friends that I consider part of my family.  I am very blessed.  I am an outgoing, humorous, and loving person.  I love college basketball, spending time with family and friends, playing at the beach, traveling in and out of the U.S. and, my favorite, reading great books.  

I can’t wait to share my love and blessings with a child.  It is also my hope that you are blessed during this time of decision.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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From the bottom of both our hearts, thank you so much for taking the time to consider us as potential adoptive parents to your baby. Although we can't know exactly what this time is like for you, we recognize that it is difficult, and we know that whatever path you choose will be the best for you and your child. We hope this profile will give you a good sense of what makes us who we are and the kind of loving home we provide for our family.

We met through a mutual friend in 2003, and we both knew fairly early on that we had found something special. When we started dating, Eric had already committed to begin work at a law firm in New York City the following fall. Eric followed through on his commitment for several months, but eventually was drawn back to the Philadelphia area where he and Kurt have lived together ever since and were married in 2008.

So, what are we like? We are friendly, smart, and silly guys who love spending time together and with our daughter, Gretchen. Whether we're food shopping, running errands, going out to dinner, spending time with family and friends, vacationing in Disney World, or just spending a quiet evening at home, we have a ton of fun. We both enjoy movies, music, theater, politics, and video games. However, we're also as different as we are alike. For example, Kurt tends to be the quiet and relaxed one while Eric is usually outgoing and intense, and Eric is a little bit on the messy side while Kurt likes things neat and tidy. We balance out each other quite well and make a great team. The most important thing to us is family. We are both extremely close to our families; in fact, the night Eric realized he had fallen in love with Kurt was the night he was sick in bed, but could hear Kurt and Eric's dad watching Finding Nemo and laughing out loud together.

Kurt is a bit of a stereotypical geek in multiple ways. He studied computer science in college and worked in Information Technology for nine years. He loves getting his hands on the latest gadgets and gizmos. He has also carried over from his childhood a love of Transformers with a current collection of over five hundred figures. Kurt also has an immense love of music, which he inherited from both sides of his family. He sings, plays piano, and loves listening to and singing along with musicals. Eric is a bit of a geek in his own way. He loves being a lawyer, is an avid reader of American history, and is a pretty talented cook as well. He loves all things having to do with sports and outdoors, especially baseball, gardening and fishing.

Because family is so important to us, we've always known we wanted to raise children. We began our family in 2012 with the adoption of our daughter, Gretchen. Gretchen is an amazing girl and brings us so much joy. We are so lucky and grateful to have her and her birth family in our lives. We've also always known that we wanted to have two children relatively close in age, so we're ready to grow our family again. And Gretchen is ready to be a big sister!

Again, thank you so much – we are honored that you've considered us to raise your child.

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Hello from Daniel and Faith.

We met in Ecuador ten years ago - weird for two people from New Jersey! Our mutual interest in the world brought us together in a small market town, and there the adventure began. We have traveled to eight other countries since and look forward to a lifetime of exploration and discovery. 

Here in central New Jersey we live in a suburban community where we enjoy spending time with our family and friends.  It is a diverse area with many ethnicities, and the neighbors we visit with most are Mexican, Indian and Guyanese-American.  Our townhouse is in a beautiful wooded development with playgrounds and a pool (endless fun!), where our family's church and our jobs are 15 minutes away and our parents are 20-50 minutes away.

Daniel is a respected and loved teacher of English as a Second Language, twice awarded Teacher of the Year. Outside the classroom, Daniel reads a lot and blogs, sharing new ideas and practices with other educators.

Faith loves her job as a middle school counselor, helping students grow up to be young adults of good character.  At home, Faith can usually be found in the kitchen making meals with farm-fresh ingredients or taking a run through the neighborhood.

And then there is Julia, our very funny and smart pre-schooler.  Family time involves reading books, drawing, playing with Legos or Play-Doh and practicing karate.  Our favorite outings include the library, zoo, planetarium, parks and farms.  And of course, travel - Julia's favorite trip so far was to Puerto Rico.  We pour ourselves into giving Julia a rich and loving upbringing and showing her all the opportunities the world has to offer.

We have been thinking about adding to our family for some time, and conversations have always come back to adoption.  Our family and friends have been so encouraging and supportive - they know the love we have in our hearts.  We are all equally excited to welcome a new baby and new family into our lives.  Julia can't wait to be a big sister.

Thank you for getting to know us.


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We are Ken and Jen and we want to thank you for making this very difficult decision of placing your baby for adoption.  We canít even begin to think of how difficult this decision is for you.  We understand that life throws all of us changes in our lives and we commend and support you for considering adoption.

We have been trying for a few years to have a baby.  After two miscarriages and six months of fertility treatments, we realized that it was not going to happen so we decided to adopt.
Jen has a sixteen year old son named Andrew.  Ken met Andrew one month before his fifth birthday when Jen and Ken started dating.  Ken loves Andrew as if he was his biological son and tries to help Jen raise him correctly.  We met each other through Jenís dad at a New Yearís Eve party at her parentsí house. 

Jen works as a Vet Tech at the Pennsylvania SPCA and has been there for ten years.  Ken works for SEPTA as a Mechanic on the Market-Frankford El cars and has been there for seven years.
We live in a twin house with our son, two cats and dog in a suburb about ten minutes outside of Philadelphia.  We are a few blocks from parks and a library.  This is a small multi-cultural borough that is about one square mile.  We enjoy doing things together as a family either watching TV, movies, or going on vacation.  Jen loves trying new types of food and Ken will try it also but is happy with what he is used to.  When all three of us go to a restaurant or watch a movie, we all try to agree on the same thing.

Ken is the only child raised by his mom and Jen has a larger family.  Every holiday we all get together at different houses to celebrate the holiday as a family.  When we all get together, we talk, laugh, and have a good time.  We would love to bring a baby into our lives and feel that adoption is the best way to grow our family. We feel that it is very important for the child to know their birth family and welcome a relationship with you if you choose.

We think it is important to raise a child with love and compassion, teaching right from wrong and most importantly knowing Godís love.  We would want to raise a child to be active, healthy and confident. We will be there for him or her, helping with homework, preparing for tests and supporting them in whatever they strive to do.
We hope that you will take time to look at our profile to get to know us a little better.  We hope you have the easiest time making this tough decision. 

Jen and Ken


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Hello,and thank you for considering us as you explore adoption for your baby. We are humbled by your strength and courage as you face this difficult decision. We truly hope that, after reading our story and seeing pictures of us with our family and friends, you'll want to get to know us better and learn how much love is in our hearts.

Jessi & Roehl

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We are so happy you have chosen to get to know us. Our names are Jason and Kristy. We have been together for 12 years now. We have a loving and fulfilling relationship between the two of us but have always wanted to share our blessings and life experiences with a child. Our decision to start a family through adoption came about because of our inability to conceive. It was a difficult time for us to navigate through. But as we've gained a knowledge and better understanding of adoption, it has been exciting and uplifting to take this unexpected journey to become parents. We understand that it is with a loving heart that you are considering open adoption. We want to honor that decision with as much love and care as possible. We have incredibly supportive family and friends in our lives. We will share that same life with our child to help nurture and raise them to become the best person they can be. We will shower our child with unconditional love and support, encouraging their talents and interests as best we can. This is the place a child would call home.

We would love to have you on this journey with us but understand if that is a choice you need time to discover for yourself. We wish you continued strength and courage.

Best always,

Jason and Kristy

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Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are Marjorie and Sean and we have been to together for over five years. Having a child has always been a dream of ours and we welcome adoption as the way to grow our family.

We love to spend time together doing many activities with friends and family.

Marjorie is the most kind, sweetest, loving, and caring person I know. Family and friends are the most important things to her. She is strong and compassionate, always looking to make sure others are taken care of.

Sean is a kind-hearted, gentle, smart, and loving man who is a driven hard worker. He sets high aspirations for himself and others and dedicates his time to the people and things that are most important to life.

We live in a four-bedroom house with a big backyard in a beautiful neighborhood in Central Pennsylvania. There are many families with children and several parks and playgrounds within walking distance.

We are absolutely thrilled to become parents and look forward to welcoming a child into our lives. We are eager to provide our son or daughter with a warm, nurturing home and a life of education, adventure, learning, and new experiences. Our hearts are open and we have so much love to give. Thank you again for letting us share our story with you.

Marjorie and Sean

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We are Thomas and Melissa and we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our profile.  Your courage in choosing adoption is extremely admirable and we wish you the best on your journey. 

Tom is 30 years old and Melissa is 29.  We have been together for 9 years and married for four.  Our relationship continues to grow as we experience life together.  Tom works as a sales manager at a restaurant equipment and supplies store.  He is ambitious and kind-hearted.  He loves sports, gardening, movies and eating ice cream.  Melissa works at a nearby hospital as a registered nurse.  She is easy-going and compassionate.  She enjoys reading, cooking, walking and nature.  Together, we love spending time with our families, going to baseball games, weekends away at Melissa's parents' cabin, and playing board and card games.  We both come from large, close-knit families who we love dearly.  We enjoy the simple things in life and cherish many family traditions.

Adoption has always been in our hearts.  In 2011, we learned that having biological children wouldn't be easy for us as Melissa has a rare uterine abnormality.  Despite this, we were able to get pregnant and were blessed with our little miracle, Samantha. We are so incredibly lucky to have her but know in our hearts that our family is not yet complete.  As we look to add to our family, all roads lead us to adoption.  We are overjoyed to be walking this path and know that you play a huge part in our happy ending.

We are excited for you to get to know more about our fun-loving family and would be deeply honored if you considered us.  Thanks again and best wishes!

Thomas and Melissa

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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile.

We know this is an incredibly difficult time for you. We wish you strength and as much comfort as possible. Wherever your process takes you, we know you will make the best possible decision for your child.

We are Rachel & Rob. Rachel grew up in a small town in Iowa, but has spent most of her adult life in large cities in the US (as well as several months in Zimbabwe during college). Rob grew up on the West Side of Chicago. We've been together since 2003 and have been married since 2007.

We came together over our mutual love of music, learning, and having both had life experiences that made us passionate about social justice. Rachel is an attorney who focuses on housing issues for low-income people and communities. Rob is a computer programmer for a company that makes it easier for people to access public benefits.

We live within walking distance to Center City and the museums. Locally, we have a strong network of friends and a nurturing religious community. We both have family and close friends in other parts of the country who we see frequently either in person or on video calls. Many of our friends both near and far have young children. We are looking forward to growing our family through adoption--and so are our family members!

-Rachel & Rob

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my profile.  I am Robin and I am so excited to become a parent through adoption.  I have thought about this decision for a long time but wanted to wait until I was sure I could offer a child a stable and loving life.

I grew up in New Jersey, which is where my parents still live.  I visit with them and my brother, who lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter, about once a month.  My family is very close and we speak on the phone often.

I have lived in Philadelphia for the past twelve years.  During that time, I have worked as a reading teacher in the school district of Philadelphia.  I have met people who have become part of my extended family.   These people include co-workers, friends and their families.  Because of them, my life is filled with love, laughter and fun.  I consider myself extremely blessed to be welcomed into so many people’s lives as a member of their family and would be honored to include you and your child in mine.

Philadelphia is a great place to live.  From my home, I can see the park next door where lots of families come to enjoy the river and the amazing multi-cultural celebrations that happen there.  I love to explore these different cultures through art, music, and dance.  Dancing is one of my greatest pleasures.  I also really love to read and learn.  I am always fascinated by the way people grow and learn throughout their lives.

I believe the best thing I can offer a child is the freedom to grow up to be whatever inspires them.  My parents have always supported my dreams and I would definitely do that with your child.

Thank you again for allowing me to share a little about my life, my hopes and my dreams for your child.



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Hello!  We are Allan and Robyn, a fun-loving couple who have been married for almost five years.  Having a child has long been a dream of ours and expanding our family through the gift of adoption is so exciting for us.  We are grateful that you are taking the time to get to know us.  We promise to open our hearts and provide a home for a child that is filled with unconditional love, support and encouragement.

Although we do not yet know you, we admire your strength and courage in making this decision and feel honored that you're considering us to be a part of your child's life.   We know this decision is a difficult one and one that is made out of love in the best interest of your child.  We sincerely hope that viewing our photos and reading about our lives will give you a better understanding of who we are and what we will share with a child.  Thank you for taking the time to review our profile.  We wish you strength and all the best as you make this decision.

-Robyn and Allan

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Hello!  We are so happy that you chose to take the time to get to know more about us.  We appreciate the strength it takes for you to consider adoption and we are thankful for your courage.  We are hopeful that something about us will touch you and allow you to trust us to be a part of your plan.  . 

We are Tricia and Craig. We have been together for 11 years and married for 9 years. We have grown so much as a couple since we first met and we continue to grow our relationship daily.   For the past 9 years we have lived in a family friendly neighborhood in Philadelphia.  We are surrounded by parks, playgrounds, shops and restaurants. We are able to participate in many community and cultural activities throughout the year.  Our extended families are located in nearby NJ making it possible for us to get together often.  

In the past Tricia has worked as a child and family counselor in various schools in Philadelphia.  Currently she is a stay at home mom to their 4 year old daughter Maya.  Most recently Craig has worked as a computer consultant designing systems for various local companies.  In the past he was a practicing attorney and real estate developer, but has recently returned to the computer field.

We both love being outdoors hiking, biking, playing tennis or checking out the local parks.  We enjoy being active and try to do something outdoors on a daily basis.  We also enjoy checking out the newest local restaurants.  Another thing we love is traveling and we can’t wait to travel to new places with our family.

After years of unsuccessful fertility treatments we just knew in our hearts that we wanted to grow our family and we can’t wait! We have decided that adoption is the best choice for us. We have a wonderful extended family who is beyond excited to welcome a new member of our family. We would always welcome a relationship with you if that's what you choose. Ultimately, we just want the child to know that they're loved by us and that it was because of your love that that’s possible.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little.  Best of luck with your decision,

-Tricia & Craig

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We are Zakiyyah and Ty and we are excited about the prospect of becoming a Mom and Dad. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. Hopefully, after you read our story and look through the pictures of us and our family and friends, it will give you a glimpse into our lives. We sincerely hope that you will be able to imagine what kind of parents we will make and how we will nurture and bring up your child.

We met online in our early 30s, and found that in addition to careers in science fields, we had many similar interests, including our love of animals, sports and music. We dated for 3 years before getting married in 2011. We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a comfortable townhouse in a family- oriented development. Seeing so many young children in our neighborhood, we were anxious to start a family right away. Unfortunately, medical issues prevented us from conceiving, and after unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization, we decided to build our family through adoption. We know that making an adoption plan is not a process to be entered into lightly or without a lot of thought and consideration. We chose adoption because we want to be able to provide a child with a wonderful life and all of the advantages that we ourselves had growing up. We have discussed our decision in depth with our families. They have been very supportive, and we know they will always be there for us.

Venturing into a new area as first time parents may be a bit challenging, but we welcome it with open arms because the rewards of having a child will be unlimited. It will certainly be an adventure that we can't wait to go on and one that will be better than anything we could have imagined.

With Love, Zakiyyah & Ty

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