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These are some of our hopeful adoptive families.  Please call 1-888-OPENARMS or 1-888-673-6276, write to us at, or fill out a Request More Information Form by clicking here if you would like to learn more about these families or the many other families working with Open Arms who are not on our website.


We are Adam and Justin and we are so excited to become dads. We’ve been together for nearly ten years, we got married as soon as it was legal, and we’ve been making plans to start a family for over two years now.

We think we’ll be a great parenting team. Adam loves cooking and conversation, and Justin loves teaching and creativity. We both love staying active, being outside, traveling, and having fun.

We live in a diverse and welcoming neighborhood with parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and kids everywhere, from all different kinds of families.

We both grew up in loving and stable homes, and we cannot wait to provide a wonderful home for our little one. We are very close with both our families, and our favorite times of year are when we get to visit with them. We are also counting on our wonderful siblings and close friends to be great aunts, uncles, and godparents as we raise our child. Many of our closest friends have young children, so our child will have tons of friends.

Thank you for reading this. We admire how strong you are and that you want the very best for your baby. We hope you’ll get to know a little more about us by looking at our profile, and we hope to get to know a little more about you too! Wherever your journey takes you and your baby, our thoughts and prayers are with you and we wish you all the very best.

With love, Adam & Justin

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We are Alex and Anthony and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our profile. We feel both honored and grateful for being considered as part of your adoption plan. We realize this must be an overwhelming decision for you to make, so we hope this book will offer you a glimpse into our lives, to understand who we are, both as individuals and as a couple, to distinguish if we are the family you trust to parent your child.

We have a loving and caring household and we are both very excited about welcoming a child into our lives. Starting a family, and offering that child a warm, healthy and happy environment ranks at the top of our priorities in life. We will enjoy spending quality time together as a family, developing a strong bond, while playing and learning. Equally important to us is that a child has strong role models, a great education and opportunities that will help him/her succeed in life.

We have incredibly supportive family and friends around us who support us unconditionally. If you choose adoption, we will make sure your child is loved and proud of who he or she is. We plan to raise a child based on a foundation of unconditional love, acceptance and open communication.

Alex and Anthony

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Hello- My name is Andrea, please call me Andi.  I want you to know how deeply I appreciate you looking at my profile and considering me as a parent for your child. This must be an incredibly difficult time for you and I wish you much peace of mind. I honor you for the courage that you have as you make the important decisions in front of you. Thank you for considering me.
I am a life long Philadelphian. I am an outgoing person who loves to connect with people.  I am a single woman with a large extended family of parents, aunts/uncles and cousins in the area. In addition, I am part of a large community. Though I left the area for ten years of schooling I have been back in the community for 16 years.  I live in a wonderful, safe and diverse area in a home that I own right outside of the city. 
I have an extremely close relationship with my siblings and parents.  My parents are wonderful people and they are local. My dad is family doctor. My mom had her own business for many years and now does volunteer work. My brother lives an hour away with his family, and my sister and her family live in Boston. We speak every day and are very much a large, loud and loving extended family.  We love to gather for holiday dinners or for lazy days down the shore in the summer. I am very close with my teen niece and nephew.

Professionally I work as a member of the clergy. I am a rabbi and I work at a large synagogue as part of a team.  I love to meet families at all points in their lives and to help them to find spiritual meaning and comfort.  I am also an activist for those in need.

Fifteen years ago I founded a food pantry. My work involves a great deal of time with children of all ages. My congregants often tell me that I would be a wonderful mom; I yearn to be a mom and to provide a warm, loving, fun, creative home for a child.  Because I work in a large community I have some flexibility in my schedule and my co-workers and congregants are very excited and supportive of my building a family.
In my work and family I have always loved helping kids to discover who they are and what special gifts they have been given. Though I am not yet married, I do hold out hope for that kind of committed relationship. In the meantime, I do not want to miss out on the blessings of raising children.  With that in mind, and with the strong support of all those around me, I am excited to build my family through adoption. Please know that in my family your child would always know unconditional love, and I would, of course, be open to having you in our lives also.
When I am not working I love to cook big dinners for friends and family. I love to ride my bike, especially at the shore. I also love to sing.  There is always music in my life. I am a movie buff and love pop culture.  I enjoy travel and would want my child to see the world and experience many cultures.
As you can see, I am a person of faith and consider my life to be blessed. I would love to add one more blessing of children to my life, and to share my blessings. I wish you good luck in your upcoming decisions and in the months ahead.  I am hoping that I will be able to learn more about you and your family.


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Hello, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you our story. We are Andrea and Tracy and we are very excited to continue to grow our family through adoption. We have been a couple for fifteen years and have a son named Daniel.

We first met on-line, discovered we were in the same graduate program and agreed to meet for coffee. Since that first cup of coffee, our friendship blossomed into a loving and fun relationship. Today we are truly each other’s best friend and we like to think we make a great team.

It was always a dream of ours to be parents and Daniel joined our family through adoption in September 2012. He is a fun loving and energetic little boy and we cannot wait to have another child "join our team".

We cannot imagine how difficult this process must be for you – you have our respect and our prayers. Even in the midst of this difficult time, we believe that you are making a very courageous choice to consider adoption. We know that you want the very best for your child and we will devote our lives to nurture, care and love your child.

We are very grateful for our son but know our family is not complete. We love being parents and feel we have much love to give. Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about us.

With Gratitude,
Andrea and Tracy

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Hello! We are Ted and Ann and we admire your courage and strength as you explore adoption for your baby.  We want to truly thank you for considering us as potential parents.  

We were introduced ten years ago by mutual friends and have been married for seven years. Ted works with computers and is a writer.  He enjoys gardening in the spring and summer, photography, and surfing.  Ann is a teacher at a local private school.  She enjoys knitting, cooking, and reading.  Together we love to spend time outdoors hiking, camping, and bicycling. We also enjoy exploring local farmers' markets and parks.  We are both close with our families and look forward to holidays spent with them.

We have always known we wanted to have children. When we were ready to start our family we found that we were unable to have biological children. Adoption seemed like a loving choice. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.  We look forward to getting to know you too.  Whatever choice you make for your baby, we wish you all the best.

Ted and Ann

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Hello! We are Beth and Sean. Thank you for taking this moment to check out our profile while you are considering options for your child. We are honored that you are interested in learning about our lives and our family. We admire the courage and strength that you have for considering adoption and this amazing gift to a family. We understand how difficult making an adoption plan must be and we are so grateful to you for making this choice. We have very supportive family and friends that will share in raising a child. We thank you and are so grateful to you.

-Beth and Sean

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Hello! We are Blythe and Matt, a fun-loving couple who have been married for eight years. We thank you for the time you're spending to learn about us. We understand that this time is difficult for you and we honor your feelings and choices as you decide what is best for you and your child. We know these difficult choices are made out of love and we admire your strength and courage. We are honored and grateful that you are considering us.

We have been together for thirteen years and having a child has always been a dream of ours. We came to adoption after struggling to have biological children. As we embrace all of the important people in our lives as family, we recognize that family is built on love, not biology. We are excited to become parents through the gift of adoption.

We have loving and supportive family and friends who will share in our joy as we welcome a child into our lives. We will unconditionally love our child, nurturing them as they grow and encouraging exploration of their unique interests and talents.

We hope this book provides a sense of who we are and of all of the love, caring, and support we're ready to give as we welcome a child into our family. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us. We wish you peace and strength now and always.

Warmest wishes,

Matt and Blythe

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Hello, we are Bronwyn and Linus. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us! We appreciate the courage it takes for you to make this tough decision and we are so grateful that you are considering us. We are very excited to grow our family through adoption.

We have been together for twelve years and married for six. We fell in love in high school and have been growing together ever since. We got married after college in 2009. We have a strong and happy marriage, which is, based on trust, a mutual love for each other and our commitment to our family. We decided to grow our family through adoption after Linus finished medical school in 2013. Just as Linus started his first job as an emergency doctor we were blessed when we adopted our son, Beckett. It has been an amazing two years watching Beckett grow. He is a funny, happy and very active child who will make a wonderful big brother. Bronwyn loves being able to stay at home with Beckett. We are so ready to add to our family again through adoption. We are so happy but know our family is not complete yet. We have so much love in our hearts and space in our lives to raise another child.

Thank you so much for considering us!

Bronwyn and Linus

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Thank you so much for taking the time to look through this book and getting to know us. We truly hope we get to meet you someday. The emotion and energy it takes for you to make this decision is so amazing. Please know that we admire you and the choice you are considering.

We have been married for almost five years, and we live in Philadelphia, a city we love. Brian is a professor of education. He trains people who want to be high school social studies teachers. Charlotte is a writer. She studied poetry, and now works as a fundraiser and writer for a museum.

The most important thing we want to tell you is that we will love your child more than anything else in the world. We are so excited to give our love to a child, and to raise that child in a safe, nurturing home where they can have fun, be happy, and always be comfortable with who they are and where they came from. We thank you for your strength and your courage, and we hope you have support as you make this difficult decision.

Brian & Charlotte

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Thanks for checking out our profile as you look for the family that is the best match for you and your child. We admire your incredible courage and recognize all the strength and love it takes to consider adoption.

Trust us when we assure you that a new baby will be so loved, cherished and nurtured in our home. It's next to impossible to explain in a brief letter just how much love we already have for your baby. All we can really do is just pray that something about us touches your heart and you feel our sincerity through these simple words.

We are Chrissy and Donald. We have been married for 7 years and have been together for 14 years, since Chrissy was 17 and Donald was 20. We've grown and changed so much since the time we were kids. We have completed so many "first steps" together from going to college, starting careers, buying our two homes, getting married, and even beginning parenthood, with our first son, Tripp William, who came to us through the miracle of adoption in May 2013. Our next adventure is to begin parenting again! Adoption is absolutely the best choice for us after many years, and tears, of unsuccessful fertility treatments.

For the past two years, we have been living in an extremely kid friendly community in South Jersey. We selected our home because of the excellent school district, safe environment and beautiful surroundings. Our home has five bedrooms and a full basement with plenty of room for fun and play! Our big backyard already has a playground with a baby swing waiting for a new little love. Our private neighborhood houses a beautiful lake, tennis courts, a basketball court and even an in-ground pool and kiddie pool. Our home is the perfect spot for a new child! We are both extremely passionate about education.

Chrissy has been working for 9 years as a Special Education teacher for students in grades 3 + 4, while Donald is an educator for high school students. We both work in similar urban school districts about 20 minutes away from our home. Chrissy was awarded Teacher of the Year after 5 short years working in her current position. Chrissy is a true teacher-leader within her school and functions as a head of many committees and councils and holds 2 masters’ degrees in Education. Donald is also viewed as a leader in his school and was honored with being called upon to participate in his School Leadership Council.

We both love all kinds of music from Dave Matthews Band, to Biggie, to Rascal Flatts and pretty much everything in between. We also enjoy cooking, baking, reading and golfing. Philly sports teams have a special place in our hearts too. Bringing our children to the games is a dream we can't wait to fulfill! Travel is another love of ours and we can't wait to travel with our children and show them the world! We even enjoy day and weekend trips to Baltimore and the Jersey Shore, which is home to Chrissy's family shore house. We simply can't wait to bring the baby to the shore for the first time!

In everything we do and are able to experience we praise God. Our church is an amazing place, welcoming families of all sizes, colors, backgrounds and religions. Your child will grow up in a genuine place of worship where they can learn about God in a nonjudgmental and inviting atmosphere. We can't wait to begin our life as parents of two! We wait for this miracle in faith, hope, love and excitement.

The way we see it, the more people there are to love them, the better. We would always honor you and welcome a relationship with you if that's what you choose. Ultimately, we just want our child to know that they're loved by all of us and that our family came into existence simply through your deep love.

-Chrissy and Donald

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Hello there!

First we would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are Barb and Cin. We recently married after 5 solid years of a peaceful, humble, loving relationship that grows every day. Our happiness and success not only comes from “loving one another” but “liking one another”. We are truly best friends! We accept each others weaknesses and strengths. We view life positively and simply. Our home is our safe, peaceful haven which we enjoy coming back to after a long day. Cindy is a Nursing Home Administrator and Barb is a nurse. We are active and love to be outdoors. We are true to ourselves and both possess the power of forgiveness. We long to raise a happy child together. We want to be able to share our growing love for one another with a child that will know and feel that love every day. We have a strong foundation and a solid base to assure a little one’s life will begin and continue on a successful journey. We are so excited! We both understand that this is a very difficult decision that you have to make in your life, one that you probably wished you didn’t have to. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Our promise to you is that we would love this child with all of our hearts. We would be honored if you selected us to help make our dreams come true.

With much appreciation,

Barb and Cin

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We are Damian and Brian and we are honored that you are interested in learning about our family.

We met 17 years ago while we were in college and have been together ever since. In July of 2014, we were finally able to make it official and got married. We always knew we wanted kids, and now that we have the resources to make that dream a reality, we are very excited to take this step.

We live in a diverse and welcoming neighborhood with great parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and lots of children of all ages from many different types of families.

Damian is very creative and, in his spare time, enjoys photography and videography. Brian enjoys working out and plays in recreational football and softball leagues. We both love staying active. Whether it's running a race, a trip to the beach, or a long hike, we both love to be outside. We make a great team and the differences in our personalities tend to complement each other well.

We both grew up in loving and stable homes and would make sure our child does as well. Our families are very dear to us and we've only gotten closer to them as we've further explored becoming parents through adoption. We love spending time with our nieces and nephews. Holidays are always a special time for us. Christmas Eve with Damian's family and Christmas Day with Brian's are usually two of our favorite days of the year. Most of our brothers and sisters are parents and will be a valuable source of information, love, and support to us and any child who should join our family.

We hope that you learn more about us by looking at our profile and we hope that we get the opportunity to learn more about you. Whatever you should decide, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your child, and we wish you all the best!

Love, Damian and Brian

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From the bottom of both our hearts, thank you so much for taking the time to consider us as potential adoptive parents to your baby. Although we can't know exactly what this time is like for you, we recognize that it is difficult, and we know that whatever path you choose will be the best for you and your child. We hope this profile will give you a good sense of what makes us who we are and the kind of loving home we provide for our family.

We met through a mutual friend in 2003, and we both knew fairly early on that we had found something special. When we started dating, Eric had already committed to begin work at a law firm in New York City the following fall. Eric followed through on his commitment for several months, but eventually was drawn back to the Philadelphia area where he and Kurt have lived together ever since and were married in 2008.

So, what are we like? We are friendly, smart, and silly guys who love spending time together and with our daughter, Gretchen. Whether we're food shopping, running errands, going out to dinner, spending time with family and friends, vacationing in Disney World, or just spending a quiet evening at home, we have a ton of fun. We both enjoy movies, music, theater, politics, and video games. However, we're also as different as we are alike. For example, Kurt tends to be the quiet and relaxed one while Eric is usually outgoing and intense, and Eric is a little bit on the messy side while Kurt likes things neat and tidy. We balance out each other quite well and make a great team. The most important thing to us is family. We are both extremely close to our families; in fact, the night Eric realized he had fallen in love with Kurt was the night he was sick in bed, but could hear Kurt and Eric's dad watching Finding Nemo and laughing out loud together.

Kurt is a bit of a stereotypical geek in multiple ways. He studied computer science in college and worked in Information Technology for nine years. He loves getting his hands on the latest gadgets and gizmos. He has also carried over from his childhood a love of Transformers with a current collection of over five hundred figures. Kurt also has an immense love of music, which he inherited from both sides of his family. He sings, plays piano, and loves listening to and singing along with musicals. Eric is a bit of a geek in his own way. He loves being a lawyer, is an avid reader of American history, and is a pretty talented cook as well. He loves all things having to do with sports and outdoors, especially baseball, gardening and fishing.

Because family is so important to us, we've always known we wanted to raise children. We began our family in 2012 with the adoption of our daughter, Gretchen. Gretchen is an amazing girl and brings us so much joy. We are so lucky and grateful to have her and her birth family in our lives. We've also always known that we wanted to have two children relatively close in age, so we're ready to grow our family again. And Gretchen is ready to be a big sister!

Again, thank you so much – we are honored that you've considered us to raise your child.

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It takes courage to consider adoption for your baby. Even if you don’t choose us, we thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

We are Fairlight and David, a fun loving couple who have been married for almost 10 years. We are very much in love and excited at the prospect of continuing to build our family through adoption. We’ve always dreamed of having children. When we became parents for the first time through adoption almost five years ago, we couldn’t have been happier. We love our son Henry very much, and are grateful everyday to have him in our lives. But while Henry has brought us great joy, we feel incomplete as a family. We’ve always dreamed of a home filled not just with the voice of one child, but two.

An open adoption makes the most sense to us because we want our children to know their birthparents. We believe children need to know where they come from in order to have a healthy understanding of who they are. We talk to Henry often about his birthmom and consider her a cherished member of our family. While she believes it best not to have contact with us at this time, we would welcome a deeper relationship with her should she change her mind. We’d love to consider you a member of our family, but we will follow your lead as to how much involvement and contact you wish to have.

David works in public relations for financial services firm. He’s been with the company for about five years. Fairlight is a pre-school teacher at a small nursery school. She’s been with the school for about three years. Both of us love our jobs, but family comes first.

We moved to Philadelphia from New York about nine years ago to be closer to David’s parents and sister. His sister has since married and recently had a beautiful baby girl who we love spending time with. All of us will often get together for dinner on the weekends or just hang out.

Fairlight’s parents live in Michigan and her brother lives in Arizona. Despite living in different states we are very close. Every year we go to Fairlight’s parent’s home for Christmas. Sometimes, Fairlight’s aunt and cousins make the trip, which makes for a big, loud, fun gathering.

Having fun is something that’s important to both of us. We love to go for long walks as a family in a beautiful nearby park with our 11-year-old greyhound Willow. When the weather is right, we like to go apple picking and we love going to the beach. When the weather is not so great, we like to go to museums (Henry loves The Franklin Institute and Academy of Natural Science), or just hang out at home.

We have great friends and neighbors who are so excited that we are adopting. We are lucky to live in a close-knit, diverse neighborhood in Philadelphia. We have a beautiful four-bedroom house, but the real reason we bought it is because we love our neighborhood.

We’re so looking forward to growing our family. Fairlight loves being a mother. She became a teacher because she loves children. David adores being a father. After trying infertility treatments, we decided we would much rather build our family through adoption. We both feel we’re in a place where we can provide a safe, happy environment for children to grow.

We hope this gives you some idea of who we are. We wish you all the best.

Fairlight and David

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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to find out a little about us. We are Gwyn and Scott and we are very excited about growing our family through adoption. Quite frankly, we can’t wait to be parents!

We have been married for 17 years and have lived in our home for about the same amount of time. Our home is warm and well loved and filled with books and records, fabrics, photographs and plants. Our neighborhood is diverse and active, with many shops, schools, playgrounds and parks. We are in walking distance to farmer’s markets, our community garden and the movies. We ride our bikes to work every day (Gwyn close, Scott far!) and walk just about everywhere else.

We both love music, gardening, playing games, reading, and hiking. Ideally, these things are done with friends and family, when we can also be silly with our nieces, nephews and the many children of friends that are part of our life. At home, we take turns cooking- Scott is the master baker of the house and Gwyn makes a mean soup!

We are gentle, kind and loving people who enjoy the simple things in life and can’t wait to share those things with a child of our own. We are excited to watch a child grow and learn, and to be reminded to look at things from a child’s perspective of wonder and awe. We are excited to share the things that we love, to read and sing to them, and to run around in the garden, picking raspberries and sniffing the roses.

We had always considered open adoption as a way to grow our family after we had a child of our own. When we discovered that we couldn’t conceive a child we began our research into adoption and soon found Open Arms. We have a deep appreciation of the responsibility of adoption and a commitment to raise a child to be proud of who they are. We look forward to helping guide our new family member in this journey of discovery. We have a large supportive network of family and friends who are just thrilled to watch us become parents and to open their hearts to our new family member.

Sincerely, Gwyn & Scott

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We're James and Japa. We're humbled by your courage in considering an adoption plan, and are so thankful you're taking the time to learn about us.

Ever since getting married five years ago, we have wanted to share our love with a child. When we learned that we might not be bringing that child into the world on our own, we knew that adoption was part of the story of how our family would grow. We're overjoyed that you might consider becoming a part of that story.

We're a simple, laid back couple that shares a passion for food, travel, reading, and games. We both come from small, loving families who are a sustaining presence in our lives. We now live in Pittsburgh, where we are both professors.

Our diverse, welcoming neighborhood is filled with loving families, and we’re lucky to have some of our closest, life-long friends living just around the corner. We’re so grateful to have the support of our family and friends, who are eager to help us welcome a child into our lives.

We're honored to have your consideration, and wish you strength in your journey.

-James & Japa

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We are Jeff and Herbie and we are honored that you are interested in learning about our family.

We met 8 years ago through mutual friends and have been together ever since. In December of 2014, we were married and would like to start the next chapter of our lives. We would like to fulfill our dream of becoming parents.

We live close to many parks, restaurants, sport centers, and dance studios. There is something for everyone nearby. Our local school district is nationally ranked. There are children of all ages in our neighborhood and we have many nieces, nephews and friends with children close by.

Jeff has many interests including playing softball, fishing, and is great at DIY projects. Herbie is very active and has played in numerous sports leagues including flag football, basketball and tennis. He also loves to show his creative side by baking and doing many craft projects with his nieces and nephews. We play softball together and love to be outdoors. We make a great team and the differences in our personalities complement each other.

We both grew up in loving and stable homes and would make sure our child does as well. Our families are very dear to us and we've only gotten closer to them as we further explore becoming parents through adoption. We love spending time with our nieces, nephews, and Godchildren. Holidays are always a special time for us. Christmas Eve morning we take our nieces and nephews to lunch, host Jeff's family at night and the spend Christmas Day with Herbie's family. Most of our brothers are parents and will be a valuable source of information, love, and support to us and any child who should join our family.

We hope that you learn more about us by looking at our profile and hope that we get the opportunity to learn more about you. Whatever you should decide, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your child, and we wish you all the best!

Jeff & Herbie

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We are Nathaniel and Jennifer (call me Jen). We want to thank you for taking the time to learn about us and for even considering us as parents for your child. We admire the courage it takes to make an adoption plan for your baby. We see it as the ultimate act of love, and we know it is not an easy decision.

We met in 2008 and had the most unique first date at an art studio! After several years of marriage our love continues to grow stronger. We are so lucky to live in a quaint little tree-lined neighborhood. There are tons of children and our neighbors are nice and friendly. We live in a walkable town where everything we need is close by. We can walk to the park, the playground, the library, and our favorite pizza shop! Living near a major university, we have a link to music, art, live theater, and so many interesting and diverse people! We also have the love and support of our parents who live within a quick drive of our house.

Nathaniel works in the finance industry. On the weekends he loves to plan special day trips so we can spend time together exploring new cities and cultures. Jen is a speech therapist for children with special needs. At the end of each day, Jen loves to cook and usually prepares a yummy and healthy dinner.

We are so excited to add a child to our family. We are a loving, caring couple who can't wait to become parents. Thank you again for reading about us; we hope to learn about you someday.

Jen and Nathaniel

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Hello,and thank you for considering us as you explore adoption for your baby. We are humbled by your strength and courage as you face this difficult decision. We truly hope that, after reading our story and seeing pictures of us with our family and friends, you'll want to get to know us better and learn how much love is in our hearts.

Jessi & Roehl

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Hello! We’re Karen & Matt. Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about who we are and how we live. We already know something about you: that you are strong, wise, and brave, and that you have tremendous love for your child. We hope to meet you one day, so that we can learn more. Wherever this process takes you, we are honored that you would consider us as partners in your adoption plan.

We have known each other for over 20 years! We went to high school together and performed in many plays and music concerts together. The Philly suburbs were our home growing up, and now we’re back. We spent much of our young adulthoods living in cities across the U.S. and traveling a lot before settling back into the Philadelphia area to lay down roots and start a family. Most of our family and friends are here, and it just feels like home.

After many years of being out of touch, Matt wandered into a coffee shop in West Philly and there was Karen! We caught up with each other, and there was an instant spark! We started dating soon after, and were married in 2012. We connected over our mutual love of the performing and visual arts, and our passion for bettering our communities and the world. Matt is an attorney and activist who focuses on mediation, criminal justice reform, and anti-racist organizing. Karen is the proprietor of her family's eyeglass business, a company that is still proudly small & local after 5 generations! She loves yoga, is on the Board of their progressive synagogue in Philly, used to be a stand-up comedian in New York, and enjoys acting in community plays and movies when she can. Matt just finished a movie with Karen as the star, he loves making and watching films, is a coffee fanatic, and occasionally performs music with his band from Philadelphia to New Hope, PA.

The only thing missing from our lives is being woken up at 3am by a crying baby! We’ve talked about having kids since before were married. Adoption was always something we considered, and after we found out we can’t have biological kids, we looked more seriously into adoption over the last couple of years. Many roads led us to Open Arms, and we are so happy with the support we’re receiving and the community we are building as we walk this path. We want the same for you. Even though there are losses involved with adoption, we believe it can be a really positive and transformative experience for everyone involved. We look forward to meeting you, and sharing more.

Karen & Matt

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Hello, thank you so much for reading our letter.

We are Laura and Nick, happily married for seven years, and proud parents of our two-year-old daughter, Cira (Cheer-uh). It's our hope that this letter gives you a sense of the kind of loving home we can provide for our next child.We travel, go to the beach, camp, and ski. Our home is filled with laughter and kindness; we cook, play games, and dance in the kitchen. We love to take Cira to swim classes, visit galleries, and explore new neighborhoods. We can't wait to add to our family.

Our siblings are our best friends and many live nearby. We are truly surrounded by people we love and who are as excited as we are to meet our next child. Our neighborhood is a wonderful place to grow up - there are many parks, great schools, families and, with so many kids nearby, our children will have a never-ending list of playmates!

We know you are deciding what is best for you and your baby, and we greatly respect your consideration of an adoption plan. Through adoption our family will continue to grow and it is our hope that you can be part of the journey ahead. We wish you the best and hope to know you better soon.

Warmest regards,

Laura and Nick

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We are Patrick and Lianne. We would like to first thank you for reading our profile. We realize that this time in your life may be filled with difficult decisions and fear but we want you to know that we think you are so brave and demonstrate a huge amount of courage and love in seeking help and guidance. We respect you so much and pray that you find peace, happiness, and solace in whatever decisions you make for you, your family, and your baby.

We met eleven years ago through a mutual friend at a party; somehow from day one we knew we would spend our lives together. We have barely spent a day apart since the day we met. We’ve been married now for over seven years. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to build a family together. We spent many unsuccessful and difficult years going through fertility treatments but came to learn that God had a different plan for us and are now so excited to be growing our family through adoption. We have some very close friends who have formed their families through adoption or were adopted themselves and we know, firsthand, the joy and fatefulness that comes with this very special journey.

We live on a quiet street in Center City, Philadelphia in a beautiful townhome within walking distance of many parks, restaurants, museums and cultural activities.  We spend our summer weekends at our newly reconstructed Jersey Shore home where we spend our days splashing and relaxing poolside with our wonderful family and friends. We love to travel and experience new places. We love to eat, cook and entertain. We value life’s simple pleasures like a midday hike on a fall day or a “date night” movie cuddled up on the couch with take-out Chinese food.

Patrick is a kind-hearted, open, funny, and loving person who shows passion and excitement in everything he does. He is a lawyer and a partner at his law firm where he uses his voice and his knowledge to help those who need his guidance and counsel. He lives by a code where family, honesty, integrity, and loyalty are key. Lianne is a warm-hearted, passionate, and nurturing person who cannot help but take care of everyone around her. She, like Patrick, comes from a very close and tight-knit family who love spending time laughing and cooking together. Lianne is a speech pathologist working part-time in various hospitals in and around Philadelphia with adult and elderly patients needing help eating and speaking again after an accident or illness. Lianne works a very flexible schedule where she chooses her own days and hours. Together, we are fun, motivated, and so grateful to be traveling this crazy and fantastic life together.      

We want you to know that our hearts are filled with love. We both came from strong and loving families that taught us that happiness, confidence and strength of character begins at home and is achieved through boundless love, understanding and acceptance. We will use those examples of nurturing and joy to raise a child. We have been blessed in so many ways and want to share those blessings with a child. We promise to provide whatever resources, direction, guidance, love, and respect so that our baby grows up knowing the vast love that we have been so lucky to know. We will help to foster creativity, passion, and knowledge in every way we can. We will do it with joy and laughter surrounded by our fantastic and loving family and our loyal and supportive friends so that this child will undoubtedly feel as blessed as we do every day. 

We thank you for your strength and courage during this difficult time in your life. We can only imagine how scary of a time it is for you right now. Whatever you choose, please know that we respect and honor you for making whatever loving choice you feel is best for you and your baby. May God bless you and may He grant you the guidance and serenity to make a choice that brings you peace and happiness.

With love and appreciation,

Patrick and Lianne 

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We are Libby and Matt. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us.    

The fact that you are considering adoption for your child is truly amazing and we can honestly say that we are humbled by your courage and strength.  You know what is best for your child and we respect the   decisions that you will make.    

We have known each other for nearly 15 years and have been happily married for seven.  We have a great relationship built on mutual respect, trust and compromise. We always wanted to have a family and adoption is the best choice for us. We are so happy about the possibility of being parents.

We both work in marketing—Matt on the research side of things and Libby on the more creative end.  In our free time, Matt likes to grow his own vegetables and is a grill-master extraordinaire.  If there is a long week-end, you’ll find Matt smoking a brisket and Libby making the side dishes for a backyard barbeque. We both love to entertain our family and friends when we have the chance.   In recent years, Libby has taken up sewing and likes to create things for her home, family and friends.  Libby is also a musician and is looking forward to sharing her love and appreciation for music with her child.

We live just outside of Philadelphia in Ardmore, PA in a very close-knit, family friendly neighborhood with many children of all ages and a great elementary school within walking distance.  While Libby’s family lives in Ohio and we visit a few times a year for birthdays and holidays, Matt’s family lives in Philadelphia and we see them all the time. Both sides of our family are looking forward to welcoming a new member and couldn’t be more pleased that we’ve chosen adoption to grow our family.

Again, thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  

Libby & Matt

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We are Marian and Fernando and we are so grateful that you are taking the time to read our profile. Even though we haven't met, we are in awe of your strength and courage, and the love you have for your child. We understand how difficult this decision must be and feel humbled and privileged that you are considering us in your adoption plan. 

We were both born and raised in Puerto Rico, but have been living in the eastern part of the United States for most of our adult lives. Marian is a second grade teacher at a public school and Fernando is an academic librarian at a university. We met 10 years ago and have been married for 7 of those years. Sharing our lives with a child is a dream we've had for quite some time and we are very excited to be on this journey towards becoming parents by adoption. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit. We sincerely wish you all the best as you make this decision for you and your child. 

-Marian and Fernando

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We are Kris and Mark and thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We know that as you are reading this, you are faced with perhaps the most difficult decision of your life. We want you to know that whatever you choose to do, we are honored that you considered us, and we admire the love you must have for your child to face these tough choices.
We met in Philadelphia eight years ago and have been together since. Over time our lives have changed a great deal. Kris began a new career at the National Park Service and Mark went to graduate school to study art history. We've traveled all over the world together, bought our first home and then our second, and we recently got married. Through it all we've talked about having children, planned for them, and now are ready to devote ourselves to being good parents.  

We moved earlier this year and our new neighborhood is full of young families of all types, great parks, restaurants, and shops. We both love being at home and Kris loves to do home projects, like building planters for our garden. When he's not working on a project, he's often planning a new trip for us, since we both share a passion for traveling. Mark likes to keep busy gardening and decorating, but he's also a big reader, and he's always reading several books at once. We try to approach our life together as a team, whether it's work or fun, so we always make time for one another, whether it's to eat a nice meal or watch a good movie.

There's always something delicious cooking in our house! Kris loves to cook and Mark enjoys baking, so we think we make a great entertaining team. We have friends over for dinner every week and we believe there's always room for an extra person at our table. We're close to our friends, who are like family to us, and we love to spend time with them. We're also lucky to have Kris's sister and her husband nearby, so our house always feels full. We feel blessed knowing that there will be a great network of people around our child, loving and supporting our family.   

We're excited to tell you all about our lives and we hope that this book can be a start.

Mark & Kris

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Thank you for taking the time to review our book. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for your selfless act. This may be one of the hardest decisions that you make but we want you to know how grateful we are to you for looking at our book. To give you some information about us, Mark and I met in February of 2006 and got married exactly two and a half years later in July of 2008. We’ve been very blessed to find each other and we’re looking forward to sharing our love and large family with a beautiful little life.

As you look through our book, you’ll see a lot of different pictures from different things that we like to do. One of the things that we enjoy doing is traveling and we hope you enjoy the pictures from our different trips. I also want to let you know that we have a wonderful family and a lot of friends. We have a lot of people that are excited about meeting the newest member of the family.

My parents can’t wait to have a new grandchild to love, spoil, and take to the zoo. My nieces and little cousins can’t wait to meet their newest cousin. They keep asking us when can they play with the new baby? We did explain that the baby will be too little to play but would love tons of hugs and kisses.

Mark and I thank you for reading our letter and for looking at this book. We hope that you consider us. We know that this can’t be easy for you but we hope that our book will help to make a difficult decision a little bit easier. Thank you again and God bless you.


Valerie and Mark

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We are honored that you are reading our profile, and taking the time to learn about our family. We hope this gives a glimpse into our life. We have been married for 10 years and have two children together through adoption. We are looking to grow our family once more. Our children have brought so much joy and love into our lives that we cannot wait to do it again.

-Megan and Brian

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We are so excited to introduce ourselves to you. Hopefully after you see our profile book you have a really good sense of who we are.

We met in college 12 years ago, where we started dating and were immediately inseparable. Over the past decade we have grown together, traveled the world together, and supported each other through graduate school and our careers. We are both committed to helping other people, volunteering and working hard.

Downtime is also important to us though. Ben likes to play the guitar and Sarah likes to read. While we have a lot in common, in other ways we are almost opposites. Sarah is outgoing and social while Ben is more quiet and shy. Our differences have mellowed each other out and brought us closer together. We've filled in each other's gaps.

We are looking forward to sharing our experiences and love with a child. Everyone tells us we'll be great parents. We've been reading, meeting other adoptive families, and learning all about what we can expect as adoptive parents so we are prepared for the journey ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

-Sarah and Ben

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Hello! We are Jeff and Shannon.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce our family to you. We admire your strength and courage in your journey and are humbled to be considered as the potential adoptive parents to your child.

Along with our two-year-old daughter, Lilah, Jeff also has two older children, Moira (21) and Will (19). We are looking forward to expanding our family with another child, and Lilah can’t wait to be a big sister!

A little about us: We live in a diverse neighborhood in South Jersey, about 15 minutes from Philadelphia. We have two golden retrievers, Jackson and Amos. Our circle of friends includes four families with adopted children.

Jeff loves sports; especially the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles and good health is an important part of his life. He is a regular at the gym and also enjoys golf, camping, and bike rides with Lilah.

On the weekends you can find Shannon, Jeff, and Lilah hanging out at the neighborhood pool or taking a bicycle ride to get ice cream after dinner. Shannon also enjoys yoga, horseback riding, gardening, and projects around the house.

We are both passionate about our jobs. Jeff works as a homebuilder and is the “chief problem solver”, always coming up with a solution to problems that seem unsolvable. Shannon works as the creative director for a non-profit in Camden that serves hundreds of children and teens each year.

We feel blessed with the opportunity to expand our family again through open adoption. It’s important for us that our child grows up with a full sense of his/her history, including you. We look forward to finding a fit that works best for the child, you, and us which will allow for a developing relationship together over the years. We are committed to ensuring that our child grows up feeling loved, valued and protected.

Thank you for considering our family and allowing us to introduce ourselves.

- Jeff and Shannon

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Hello and thank you so much for wanting to learn more about us! First we’d like to take the time to say thank you so much for considering us to possibly be a part of your adoption plan. Your love and commitment to making the best choice for your baby is completely selfless. Whatever you decide is best for yourself and your baby, please know that we are amazed at your strength and sacrifice.

A little about us. We met on Thanksgiving Eve in 2005 when Paul saw Shaun and knew he had to talk to her. A phone call turned into a first date, and by January of 2006 we were meeting each other's families and envisioning what a future might look like. We've been together ever since. The two of us share a deep love and appreciation for each other, as well as shared view of the world. We value family, open mindedness, learning, hard work, and providing support for each other and those close to us.

We live in a suburb of Philadelphia, where there are lots young families and fun things to do. Both of our families live close by, and we spend a lot of time hanging out with them. Family and friends are extremely important to us. We are also focused on making life fun. Humor is also a big part of our lives. This includes a steady set of pranks and trying to make each other laugh on a regular basis.

Most would say Paul is a friendly, outgoing guy who prefers to laugh over doing pretty much everything else. He’s loyal, focused and loving, and would do anything for the people that he loves. His values are openness to other views and cultures, and a desire to help those that need it. Currently he works in public relations at a law firm. He has a strong work ethic and takes pride in what he does, however his “real” life is always at home, with his family.

Shaun has been working as a nurse for the past seven years. Prior to that she worked in a variety of social service positions with young adults and children. She has a special place in her heart for those who have suffered or are unable to speak up for themselves. She always finds the best in people and has a huge heart. These characteristics have been fundamental in helping her to fulfill her most important role as a mother.

We are proud parents to a five year old boy named Owen. We love being parents, and Owen is a bright, happy boy who amazes us every day with how kind he is. We focus on teaching him to be caring and open minded, as well as respectful to others. Most importantly we want him to be confident in who he is and understand his special talents and unique place in the world. Being a big brother will come very naturally to him, and he is very, very excited to welcome a little brother or sister!

Bringing a new child into our home will be a joyful and long awaited event for our family. We are excited to celebrate the uniqueness of adoption and share with the child just how much everyone loves him or her. Becoming parents again and being able to grow our family is so precious to us. You providing us with that opportunity is an amazing gift. Thank you so much for your consideration!

-Shaun and Paul

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Hello, We’re Stevie and Stephen.

We’re honored by the time you’re taking to read our profile. We understand that the decision to make an adoption plan for your child is important and difficult. We admire you for considering adoption and would be grateful if you would consider us as possible parents for your child.

We are very excited about adopting and providing for another child, and we know that part of that is helping our child understand where they come from. We look forward to building a healthy, respectful relationship with you, learning who you are, and helping our child connect to their own personal story of where they came from. In our lives, we both have strong connections to our ancestors, biological and spiritual, and we want that for our child as well.

Stephen is thirty-two years old and is a high school Math and Spanish
 teacher. Stevie is thirty-three years old and works as a director in a non-profit. We met and fell in love 9 years ago, and 3 years ago we adopted our first child, Anaïs. We loved the process of becoming her parents! We can’t wait to add a younger sibling to the mix.

We both come from large families who gather frequently and truly enjoy spending time together. Stephen grew up in New Hampshire, where his parents and some of his family still live. Although it’s not very close, we find opportunities to visit each other several times a year. As much as we love Philly, we also love spending time in nature and NH has so many beautiful places to hike and camp. Stevie’s parents, siblings and other relatives are close by in New York, and we see them as often as we can. We also have a large circle of close friends who take an active role adding to our extended family.

Our daily lives look something like this: Stephen’s work keeps him busy during school-teaching hours, but he’s around evenings, weekends, and school vacations to devote time to family. Stevie sets his own work schedule and is able to work from home a lot of the time, so during the day he coordinates child-care and preschool. We do almost all of our cooking at home, everything from quick and simple meals to baking bread from scratch, and we do our best to eat natural and fresh foods. We are voracious readers and our house is full of books. We love puzzles and games, and are excited about sharing our love of learning with our children. We speak a combination of English and Portuguese at home and some other languages with friends – it sounds like a lot, but our family is used to it! We like to go to plays and dance performances, concerts and other events around the city (we’ve even performed in some of them). We have traveled widely throughout our lives and continue to do so as our family grows.

We welcome the challenges that raising a second child will present, as well as the great joy that comes from parenting. We know that life can be complicated and messy, but that can make it even more rich and beautiful. We want to help our child embrace and navigate the network of love that surrounds them, beginning by building an understanding with you.

Stevie & Stephen

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Hello! We are Matthew and Suzanne. We are honored that you are interested in getting to know us better. We admire the courage and strength that you have for considering adoption and the gift to a family. We are excited about fulfilling our dream of becoming parents.  

Adoption is already in our family as Matthew's mom, Ann, was adopted as an infant.  Matthew's grandparents provided a loving home for Ann.  Matthew has fond memories of Grandpa Bill and Grandma Jane, Ann’s adoptive parents.

We are a modern romance as we met online through a dating website. We were attracted to each other through our mutual love of city living, the arts and sports, in particular soccer. We have been married three years and have lived in our home for the same amount of time. Our home reflects our hobbies of carpentry, interior design, cooking and entertaining. We host Christmas Eve dinner and Easter brunch as well as cook for friends regularly.  Holidays are a special time for us as we enjoy the traditions that we are creating in our home. We both grew up in loving and stable homes.  We are close with our families. We enjoy spending time with our nieces, nephews and god children.

Matthew is on faculty of the Theatre department at a major university. He has many interests including: sports, playing as well as watching; gardening; camping, and home improvement projects. Suzanne works in sales in the interior design industry. Her passions include trying new recipes; designing our home; reading and learning. Together our professional lives are very flexible to meet the needs of raising a child. 

We are a fun-loving, adventurous couple who enjoy visiting new places, both near and far; seeking a great yard sale; eating at new restaurants, and dreaming of our future.

We hope you will learn more about us through our profile. We would be blessed if you consider us for your child. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and wish you the best as you make your decision.

Thank you,

Matthew and Suzanne

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