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Pregnant and Considering Adoption?


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Hear from some Open Arms Birth Parents about their adoption stories.





Open Arms Adoption Network will help you learn about and consider all of your pregnancy options. Open Arms Adoption Network believes that you should have control over the decisions concerning your pregnancy and we will respect your choice, even if it's not adoption. We are a pro-choice agency offering non-biased counseling that will support your decision, should you decide to terminate the pregnancy, or should you choose to parent. If you choose one of these options, we can refer you to organizations that will help you with either of them. However, if you decide to plan an adoption ("give up your baby for adoption"), an Open Arms counselor will work with you, answer all of your questions during the planning process, and assist you in making an adoption plan that works for you. You may choose the adoptive parents (which starts from looking at our Adoptive Family Profiles), spend time with them, and get to know them if you desire.


Adoption Basics
Some women choose to have a Semi-Open Adoption which allows birthparents (you) and adoptive parents to stay connected with the mediation services of the adoption agency.  Others choose Open Adoption, where birth parents and adoptive parents maintain direct contact with one another while the adoption agency supports the developing relationship.  If staying in touch seems too emotionally difficult, Confidential Adoption allows the birth parents to fully plan the adoption while offering complete privacy and confidentiality over the years. 

Ongoing Support
Open Arms respects birth parents and recognizes that support is needed especially after the baby joins the adoptive family. Open Arms offers free, lifetime counseling to birth parents and birthparent support groups.

Watch a video to hear from some of our adoptive and birth families.

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