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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my child have problems related to a change in language?

A: The degree to which the initial changes your child faces depend on many variables. Children learn a new language very quickly so the adjustment is time limited. We help you plan for the transition before you travel. Our Life-Long Learning Institute workshops will assist you with your families desire to bond and attach, and will assist you in incorporating your child's rich cultural heritage into your own.

Q: Do I have to travel to meet my child? Will I be alone on the trip?

A: There are countries, Korea for example, that will bring your child to the USA, but we highly recommend that you travel if you can. It is so important to see where your child has been living, and to get a feeling for the culture your child comes from. You are never alone on your trip. There is an in-country coordinator that takes you to all adoption related meetings, translates for you, and coordinates your stay.

Q: Will my child automatically become a US citizen?

A: This varies depending on the country from which you adopt. In many countries the adoption is finalized in the child's country of origin. In these cases your child will be granted immediate citizenship. In others, the adoption will finalize here and we will assist you in the steps needed to apply for citizenship.