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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Open Adoption?

A:  Adoption is a life-long journey, not a one-time event. Open Adoption honors the life-long commitment of the birthparents and adoptive parents to remain connected throughout the child's life. Some ways that connection is maintained are through letters, phone calls, emails, and/or get-togethers. Some birthparents (a teen or woman who "gives her baby up for adoption") do not want contact whereas others do. A lot of birthparents are not comfortable with staying in touch initially however, many reach out at a later time to reconnect with the adoptive parents. Open Arms is committed to mediating that reconnection.

Q: Isn't domestic, infant adoption expensive?

A: It can be, however, at Open Arms your family's fees will be determined on a sliding fee scale in accordance with your annual income. Adoption benefits may also be available through your employer or through private charities.  There are additional adoption benefits available through the Federal Adoption Tax Credit Program.

Q: What is an adoption homestudy?

A: A homestudy is the legal report written by a licensed social worker that compiles information from your application, background checks, and three in-home interviews. The homestudy serves as the agency's evaluation and recommendation for your family to adopt. Open Arms is an adoption agency licensed to facilitate homestudies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Q: Can I adopt a newborn?

A: Absolutely. Yes, the vast majority of children placed through Open Arms are infants, birth to 2 months.

Q: How long does it take to adopt a baby?

A: As soon as your homestudy report and Adoptive Family Profile are completed your family will be shown to potential birthparents. The exact timeline of when you will become a parent is not known.  A birthparent looking for a family just like yours, may seek the services of Open Arms shortly after you join our program or it may take longer.  However, we do expect that most families will adopt within 2 years after completing the Adoptive Family Profile and home study.