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My Adoption Story

Megan and Thor

My husband and I first heard about Open Arms while awaiting the birth of our oldest son, Mason, whose adoption was facilitated through an adoption advertising firm. Mason's adoption went very smoothly, and in February of 2006 we attended his birth in Valley, Alabama and brought him home shortly thereafter. We knew we wanted to adopt a second child, but were not yet actively pursuing one when we received a call from Mason's birthparents. They were expecting another baby and wanted us to adopt this child as well. Ozzie was born just 16 months after Mason.

We thought we were done for a while, but life had other plans. In December, 2008 a close friend (who had adopted through Open Arms) told us about an 11-month old boy in need of a family immediately. After contemplating this with with my husband, about whether we were up to the challenge of having three boys under 3, we decided to call Open Arms and say that we were interested. Just 3 hours later, we met Evan for the first time.

Adopting a toddler posed a number of challenges that we hadn't had to deal with in our first two newborn adoptions. Our Open Arms social worker was a huge support, offering her insight, experience and reassurance. Evan is a sweet, passionate, beautiful little boy, and he transitioned well into our family. We maintain a close relationship and visit with his birthparents, who live nearby. Our social worker has been very great in helping us figure out how to navigate this important relationship and we've been impressed by the agency's support of the birthfamily as well.

A couple of months after Evan's adoption, we got another call from Open Arms. His birthmother was pregnant again. We were astounded that this was happening to us again, and though we were unsure that we could really handle another baby, we said yes to adopting our fourth.

Our precious daughter Ruby joined the family in May of 2009. With our oldest having just turned 3 at that time, it would be an understatement to say that the year since then has been challenging and overwhelming at times. But we are so very thankful for our four beautiful children and our wonderful connections to their birthfamilies.


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