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My Adoption Story

Brian and Julie

We started the process of adopting our third child in the summer of 2006 with an agency that we heard needed couples for infant adoption. Two years later we had a few failed placements, but not the third child that we were waiting for. We decided to network with other agencies and we heard that Jewish Family and Children Services had re-started their Domestic Adoption program now called Open Arms. I spoke to a social worker from Open Arms and she filled me in all about their program, and their open adoption philosophy. The program sounded wonderful, but the open adoption part made my husband and I nervous because we did not know how it would effect our other two children who were adopted Internationally and essentially had a closed adoption. The staff had some fantastic advice on this, sent me articles about it and spent a ton of time on the phone with me. After taking in all this information we decided that we wanted to switch to Open Arms and we now understood all the advantages of Open Adoption.

We were matched in just 4 months and met with the birthparents. Sadly, this match was not to be and the birthparents changed their minds when the baby was born. Even though this match did not work out, we were so impressed with the counseling the social worker gave the birth parents and how immediately she communicated with us every step of the way. We appreciated the honesty, even when it wasn't what we wanted to hear.

During our wait we were able to further educate ourselves with the seminars that Open Arms provided. My husband and I both feel we learned the most from the workshop about, "The Hospital Experience". It's important for couples to prepare themselves for a very emotional experience, and it really helps to hear from those who have already been through it.

Four months later we were matched again, and this time we had a happy ending. If someone had told me last year that I would have been so attached to the birth family of my child I probably would have laughed at him or her. Luke was born on July 8th. We only had about 10 days to prepare for him and to get to know his birth family, but it is a time we will always cherish. We consider ourselves very lucky that we have this very sweet baby boy and we still have contact with both Luke's birthmother and birthfather.

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